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Anne-Marie Vion

Anne-Marie VionThe young girl in the picture on the left was a heroine of France. She was a normal teenage girl when she first decided to do what she saw as her duty during the Second World War and stand up against the Nazis in the only way she knew how. She also knew, along with her brothers and sisters, that she was risking everything for her country, but she continued with her clandestine work, at a time when other Frenchmen were collaborating with the enemy, and this would ultimately lead to her death.

The name of Anne-Marie Vion is not well known amongst her countrymen, and even less known around the world. It is true that her work was not significant in altering the course of the war and perhaps, had she decided to do nothing, little would have changed.

But what makes people stand up for their beliefs, and what makes them hide? Anne-Marie knew the dangers, weighed them up and thought it worth the risk. To do nothing would have brought her and her family no shame, but to act as they did, raised them to a higher level and enabled her to look down on the Nazis from a great height, rather than having to look up as so many of her people were forced to do.

A chance visit to the tiny village of Clery-sur-Somme in Picardy in 2006, brought to light the struggles of these brave people who lived and worked in what was then, German occupied France, and having found their story, I hope to spread the fame of these little known patriots to wider audience.


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This is a British tribute to the French and Belgian Resistance

The information used to create this web site, apart from the content of this page and all of the photographs and captions, has been taken from a French document of unknown date and author, along with a little research on the Internet and numerous visits to the Somme area. I was helped with the translation, however, I have tried to blend the text to make it flow better and take full responsibility for any mistakes.

I would like to thank Franck Dizambourg for providing the original French text from which the contents of this site were translated. Also thanks to Janet Fairgrieve and her friend Elise for the actual translation.

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Rue Anne-Marie Vion
The Vion Farmhouse
The Grave of Rene Vion

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